Build The Entrepreneurial
Life Of Your Dreams 
Experience More Joy, Fulfillment, Love + Abundance WITHOUT Being In The Grind 
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Are you working really hard but never getting ahead? 
… or you have small bouts of “getting ahead” but it never lasts?

Do you feel overwhelmed even if it’s not a story you like? 
… like, I don’t have enough clients, there’s never enough money, I don’t have time to take on anything else, etc. 

Do you dream of an abundant business that supports your best self? 
… or have a business or life goal you’re ready to see come to fruition?
It’s Time To Go From Grind to Glory! 
I’m sure you’ve done all of the external steps… read the books, attended seminars and/or hired a business coach, listened to podcasts, etc. and nothing has radically changed in your life.

Every time you invest time + money to grow your business, you’re seeking answers to the question… 
will this finally be the thing to make money… create more freedom… or make me feel fulfilled?

You’re also looking for answers to other questions, like: 

① Can I really uncover what’s holding me back from my dream life? 

② Can I create what I want without working so hard? 

③ Will I ever be abundant while doing what I love? 
I get it, my new friend.
In order to be in a place to receive more joy, fulfillment, love and abundance, you have to be a vibrational match for those things...

And because of that, working harder, struggling, sacrificing and hustling will never get you there. 

Here's what will... 

♡ First, you must be willing to go deep into the areas that are holding you prisoner

♡ Then, establish a deep connection with source

♡ And, many times it means taking back your power and shifting how you see the world
My name is Jessica Page and I am an intuitive business coach and I am on a forever mission to free entrepreneurs across the world from the grind to glory. 
It wasn't that long ago I was dreaming of the life I live now. 

I use to pride myself on being a workaholic… working a bazillion hours and telling myself, 
❝success is around the corner if I just work a little harder…❞

Like you, I relied on all of the external steps to get results...

I would get a little bit ahead and then fall back… over and over again. 
The external steps alone are like being on the human-hamster wheel. 

I was overwhelmed, exhausted and I felt like I would never get ahead. 
Until I Committed to Inner Growth + Aligned My Vibration!
If you want to end the era of the Grind and step into more joy, fulfillment, love
+ abundance, the School of Grind to Glory is a perfect fit for you. 

This is a 12 month, step-by-step, life and business transformational journey. 
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Unlock Your Full Potential In The School Of Grind To Glory 
Release what's holding you back from your best life
What old stories have been holding you back in your life? What limiting beliefs need to be shed? We will dive deep into the areas that hold you prisoner so you can make real steps towards your dreams, goals and desires. 
Develop a deep connection to the Universe
Turn over your need to control and the belief that you have to make everything happen. The more in tune you are with the Universe, the easier your life will be. Establishing a deep spiritual connection will attract more of what you want and feel free, loved and supported.
Take back your power to ignite your soul's purpose
You feel the desire for greater joy, fulfillment, love and abundance because it’s hardwired in you to have it. You will finally find peace within yourself for who you are, and not what you do. Get ready to shift how you see the world and relax into certainty and freedom. 
"I've never felt happier, healthier, or more fulfilled and my business is doing better than ever (and I am working less)."
Working with Jessica has been amazing. After working myself into burnout and adrenal fatigue and still feeling unhappy and burdened despite being 'successful', Jessica challenged me to think differently. Through her coaching and with her life as an example, I was able to overcome the "hustle and grind" mentality and truly redefine success on my own terms.

Brady Johnson
How The School Of Grind To Glory Unlocks Your Full Potential

You'll have access to 3, 60-minute live breakthrough training calls per month that focus on...  
♡ Releasing what's holding you back from your best life
♡ Developing a deep spiritual connection to the Universe  
♡ Taking back your power to ignite your soul's purpose

Once per month, I will also introduce a special guest to support your journey. All of the calls will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to the replays. 

Each month, I will be guiding you through a specific focus and provide you with a playbook. 

The playbook will bring you closer to making your dream a reality and include what you need to immerse yourself into the monthly focus {book + crystal recommendations, specific mediations, journaling exercise, etc.}

You'll have 24/7 access to me through the private group for more support and guidance. 

I’ve learned that transformation and success is really hard on your own… together we are your soul tribe. This will be a powerful, tight-knit group of beautiful souls who embody the passion to raise each other up and will support you for years! You are never alone. 

You'll get one private 30-minute coaching session each month throughout the year. Every session is packed with soul-centered coaching that's a crucial part to your success.
*3-DAY SOUL RETREAT - Optional 

This will be a magical 3-day soul getaway that will further transform your life. For the next retreat, we will be indulging in beautiful Lake Placid, NY, located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains... learning, growing, blissing out and diving deep. You will come home to a simpler, more loving, way of life. 
One-On-One Coaching and the Retreat are both upgrades to the group coaching experience and are at an additional cost.
"Jessica's guidance has significantly improved my business, marriage and my happiness."
Working with Jessica has been life-changing. She holds space for me to be me and share my dreams without judgment. She shows me the possibilities and walks me through how to overcome the obstacles that use to hold me down. After each call I have with Jessica I am left inspired and ready to take action. 

Kalene Smith 
I believe that your inner growth is the greatest contribution you can make to yourself. You will gain so many tools to create real results in the physical world. 

Any energy you spend {financially + emotionally} on your inner growth will come back to you multiplied and create ease in being able to manifest what you want. 

Other people who are achieving the things you want are NOT more deserving or better than you... 

They simply allow more good things to come into their lives!

Think of this as a gift you now deserve to have.

Stop for a moment and make a commitment to your growth. 

THIS is the permission slip you've been waiting for to fully want what you want and go for it... without being in the grind! 
How To Secure Your Seat In The School Of Grind To Glory
"I couldn't recommend working with Jessica more highly."
Working with Jessica has been so wonderful. Not only is she smart, hardworking and experienced, but she's also intuitive, kind and loving. Jessica really embodies this beautiful way to work with your natural gifting so you're not stuck in that hustle and grind. The combination of all of that allows your dreams to flourish.

Sharleen Froats 
Brief Questionnaire
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1. What's your Greatest Vision for Your Life? What do You really want?
2. What's the Biggest Obstacle keeping you from having it?
3. On a scale of 1-5 {5 being the MOST ready}, how important is it to you to fix this NOW?
4. Are you ready to "Do the Work" and invest in yourself {financially, emotionally & spiritually} RIGHT NOW?
5. Do you believe in God/Universe/Spirit/Source/Higher Power/Love/Something?
"Grind to Glory has been so life-changing... Jessica helped me make so many shifts in my life. She is my hero!"
Working with Jessica has changed my mindset so much! I always felt that success and money was something you had to hustle for and felt stressed all of the time. Jessica has taught me so much around love and abundance and it just keeps getting better and better. 

Sarah Galbreth 
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